Mapping the Patient’s Journey

Management system for treatment plans and Patient support programs for family members and medical staff. When patients go through a complex journey, having to deal with various medical problems, there exists a great deal of uncertainty, and they and their family members are all called upon to make changes and adjustments to their lifestyle.

The treatment integrates several fields simultaneously, including drug treatment, dietary changes, sports, mental health support and the utilizations of civil rights. To get through this complex journey, we present a system designed to help gather and make available to the patient and the professional staff personalized information in the appropriate field of treatment, medications, and the patient's personal details.

There is much uncertainty at the start of the journey, and the ability to receive reliable information concerning the disease is a basic need for every patient and their family members.

Benefits to all Healthcare Organizations

Reduces risks, complications and costs, and helps improve population health management.
Pharmaceutical Companies
Increases product effectiveness and persistence with PSP treatment programs. Reducing patient dropouts, and reporting side effects.
Medical Devices
Improve health outcomes between visits, reduce the burden placed on a physician and increase revenue through reimbursement.
Health Funds, Hospitals and Clinics
Improving the quality of care between visits, reducing the professional staff’s burden and increasing revenue through repeat visits.
Improving the service customers receive by transferring professional knowledge through the pharmacists, maintaining the relationship and offering added-value services.

Accompanying thePatient's Journey Personalized data with individual predictive behavioral analysis

Scheduling appointments or contacting care providers
Training regarding the different drugs or devices (syringes, glucometers)
Alerts and reminders as per the treatment
Recommendations for supportive treatment plans
Process customization
Connecting family members


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